The extent to which corporations control innovation, industry and society is increasingly disturbing as one delves deeper into the reality we all together live in. One such horrid example is the automobile industry and is not just limited to oil companies but steel as well. Did you know Henry Ford created a car in 1937 built out of Hemp Plastic!? Immediately suppressed by the steel industry, the hemp plastic material was ten times stronger than steel AND the car ran on Hemp Ethanol. Both oil and steel corporations feared the proliferation and utilization of hemp in this industry and as a response a propaganda campaign was initiated against the plant in 1937. Though hemp was quickly being realized as the world’s most productive and useful plant, by September 1937 hemp prohibition began and the suppression of its usefulness has been relentless for generations. I’ll surely be talking more about this amazing plant in the near future. Learn more here : How Hemp Became Illegal and more here : Henry Ford Invented a Hemp Car that ran on Hemp Fuel 76 Years Ago

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