Stanley Meyer

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Know the truth of the heroic inventor Stanley Meyer. He created the water fuel cell which powered a “perpetual motion machine” vehicle engine alternative to gasoline combustion. He was killed for his invention, RIP Stanley Allen Meyer (August 24, 1940 – March 20, 1998).

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Do you know about the herbicide glyphosate? Crops are genetically engineered in order to not be killed by this poison but it is causing adverse human health impacts by being introduced to our food supply. Learn about the links to this chemical and the rise in gluten intolerance here.

Hand Sanitizer and its Toxicity


We’ve discussed the adverse impacts of the seemingly harmless product hand sanitizers. Avoidance is actually better than usage when it comes to staying healthy and keeping your body functioning normally. Aside from the chemical “fakegrances” added sanitizers, we must also look out for the harmful chemical Triclosan. Reading ingredients and labels does not just apply to food! Read the ingredients on all the products you exposure yourself too! Once you learn about the harms of certain chemicals you’ll want to avoid them. Triclosan is the antibacterial ingredient in hand sanitizers and it does much more harm than good. Learn more here : Toxins In Hand Sanitizers Create A Bigger Problem

The Dirt on Hand Sanitizers: One must consider the lesser of two evils when considering using hand sanitizers. Is regular use of something which contains hormone disruptors really worth the benefit of killing germs? It depends. “Most hand sanitizers contain “fakegrances”, artificial fragrances. One ingredient present in most fakegrances are phthalates, plastics that keep the odor around longer. Pthalates are known endocrine disruptors, meaning they affect sex hormones, especially in infants. Some experts believe that chronic pthalate exposure is feminizing boys. It is listed as an 8 out of 10 by the EWG, a very high toxic rating. Learn more here : Top Reasons to Avoid Hand Sanitizers

GMO’s and Monsanto

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 The company that brought us Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), Agent Orange, Terminator Seeds, DDT and the popular carcinogenic herbicide Glyphosate has been bought. The name Monsanto has become associated with the poisoning of humanity especially with increased activism such as an annual, global March Against Monsanto and much awareness surrounding the adverse impacts Monsanto has on human health and agriculture. In an attempt to hide the name, Bayer Pharmaceuticals has recently bought the pesticide company Monsanto. Bayer itself has a very dark history and now with the two evils combined, the company that makes us sick will also provide the treatments they’ve caused. Read more about this merger of evils HERE